Optical Illusion or Visual Phenomena?

It is our illusions that create the world.” ~ Didier Cauwelaer

Illusion or PhenomenonSTOP and read this!

If you’re new to this site, this is totally off topic but I don’t care because I found a photo I took in 2009 and want it to be seen – so please look!   NO! it’s not the photo of the stop sign…it’s the photo below!

The photo was taken at about noon time from outside my house. I showed it to a friend and he saw what I saw right away, but then we have many similar interests and thought it may have influenced what we saw. Optical illusions and visual phenomena work that way I guess.

That being said, I wanted to see what other people thought without telling you what I see. I will make another post later telling you what I saw and what this is actually a photo of.

This photo has only been cropped and has not been manipulated in any other way.

So…..please leave a comment telling me what you see. Try to not look at what anyone else says (assuming people will leave comments). Write what you see, then go ahead and check to see what others wrote …..then pass it on!

Sure, you might think I’m a little nuts, but think about it – all the fun people are!

Depending on who you are, you may think it’s:

  • An optical illusion
  • A communication
  • A visual phenomena
  • Something a fruitcake saw!
  • A sign
  • Something thrown up by a dog
  • A multi-dimensional postcard

Crap, I’m really opening myself up for some real interesting comments ….you know who you are!

Give me about a week and I’ll post the follow up with more photos. Remember, I preview ALL comments before the are approved to be seen by other visitors. So please, keep it nice and keep it friendly. No tolerance for anything else. Thanks!

Below is the photo …or optical illusion …or visual phenomena …or whatever.

What is it?

Okay….now you’ve seen it.

What do you think?

Go to Part II

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8 Responses to Optical Illusion or Visual Phenomena?

  1. me says:

    looks like the light is coming from under the sign….

  2. Sylviu says:

    I saw a face

  3. Exo says:

    A face!!! BUT it doesn’t look human at all.

  4. Erin says:

    A man wearing a black hooded cloak.

  5. Jeanie Butera says:

    It looks like a mans face partially cloaked, but it also looks a bit elongated.

  6. […] week I wrote about an optical illusion within a photo I had taken a couple years ago and I want to tell you what I see and what it is. […]

  7. Paul Rauch says:

    I see what appears to be a female face, light brown, indistinguishable. Wearing a blanket over the head that has lines curling into an image of a sun on the left. There is a sign by the chin that is in reverse that says safe. The lines on the right of the picture remind me of a vine.

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